James Nakayama, Sensei

Nakayama Sensei’s iaido training began in 1985 under Kazuo Chiba Shihan. Soon after in 1987, he met Shoji Nishio Shihan, and switched styles to train with him. Nakayama Sensei received his 1st through 3rd degree iaido black belts with the Zen Nippon Iaido Renmei (All Japan Iaido Federation). In 2005, Nishio Shihan passed away, leaving the organization under his successor, Koji Yoshida Shihan. Nakayama Sensei’s successive promotions for 4th and 5th degree black belt were in Nishio Ryu Toho Iaido. In 2008, Nakayama Sensei began Iaido classes at Chushinkan Dojo.

Tom Burden

Tom Sempai got his first taste of iaido at a workshop in Chicago in 2016. In 2017 he trained in Manhattan under Eisele Sensei and Wallace Sensei and later with Para Sensei. He was the head senior student of Seishinkan Iaido Warrensburg and led classes in sensei’s absence. In 2021 he left Seishinkan to train under James Nakayama.

Tom also trains in aikido and is the Chief Instructor and Dojo-cho of Central Aikido.